Research & Development Cell

Noticeboard: General Notices / Department Circular / Notifications

1. 27/07/2022MOST URGENT: Instructions/Procedure for data submission to IQAC Cell.
2. 25/07/2022REVISED & UPDATED: NEP 2020: Useful links for Indian Knowledge System and other reading material.
3. 11/07/2022REVISED & UPDATED: NEP 2020: Useful links for Indian Knowledge System and other reading material.
4. 07/07/2022Full Time Residential Summer School, 2022
5. 01/07/2022Details of Senators/Advisors to facilitate to various departments in the context of speedy admission of data for NAAC implementation on NEP.
6. 29/06/2022URGENT: Invitation for Webinar on 30th June 2022, Time: 12:00 noon onwards
7. 26/06/2022 EXIT FORM Proforma to be filled by the students/ Ph.D Scholars of your Department.
8. 16/06/2022Public notice to be placed in front of the laboratory (PURSE Programmme).
9. 16/06/2022Format of retention of Instruments under PURSE Programme.
10. 01/06/2022UGC Guidelines for establishment of Research & Development Cell
11. 27/05/2022National Level Slogan Making Competition on World Environment Day.
12. 24/05/2022MOST URGENT: Final list of Interest for the F.Y. 2021-2022 UGC
13. 24/05/2022MOST URGENT: Final list of Interest for the F.Y. 2021-2022 Non-UGC Grant
14. 11/05/2022 Online conference on NEP-2020 held on 11 May at 11:00 AM.
15. 30/04/2022Financial Assistance for Short Term Research Studies, Last Date for submitting proposals is 15.06.2022..
16. 27/04/2022Revised & updated: ATTENTION Reference NEP 2020: Useful links for Indian Knowledge System and other reading material.
17. 21/04/2022Draft recommendations of the committee constituted for planning implementation.
18. 13/04/2022One Week Online Short Term Course on Design and Development of Online Courses
19. 29/03/2022Announcement by Ministry of Mines inviting Science and Technology Project Proposals on SATYABHAMA Portal for FY 2022-23 till 15.04.2022.
20. 24/03/2022पत्रिका राजभाषा भारती में छपने के लिए .
21. 04/03/2022Reg. signature of the Chairperson and Supervisor in Ph.D thesis.
22. 25/02/2022 Invitation for Discidium 2022
23. 23/02/2022Format of undertaking for NMIC (Not manufactured in India Certificate)
24. 28/01/2022Award of Panjab University fellowship for Ph.D 2021
25. 19/01/2022Uploading of full text theses in Shodhganga, a repository of full text theses and dissertations
27. 17/12/2021Academic Integrity and Research Quality
28. 03/12/2021URGENT: Departmental Academic Integrity Panel (DAIP) to investigate allegations of plagiarism at departmental level.
29. 28/10/2021URGENT & KIND ATTENTION: Reg. PU Ph.D fellowship 2020
30. 06/10/2021URGENT: Proposals invited under DIC scheme (Details of ongoing progress and proforma of DIC PU)
31. 16/09/2021 Guidelines with regard to payment of Honorarium/Remuneration to members of various committees/experts etc.
32. 15/09/2021Kind attention: UGC guidelines to be followed in CAS promotion cases
33. 20/08/2021Haryana Vigyan and Yuva Vigyan Ratna Award Year 2021
34. 19/07/2021Financial assistance for organising the seminars, conferences and workshops during the year 2021-22.
35. 19/07/2021Financial Assistance to Research Scholars under Study Grant Scheme who are pursuing Ph.D in the field of Social Sciences for the financial year 2021-22.
36. 09/06/2021Award of Panjab University fellowship for Ph.D 2020.
37. 02/06/2021Proforma-DST iTBI (NIDHI Inclusive Technology Business Incubator)-Application Assistance-Last date 25th June, 2021
38. 21/05/2021MOST URGENT: Final list of Interest for the F.Y. 2020-2021 Non-UGC Grant
39. 21/05/2021MOST URGENT: Final list of Interest for the F.Y. 2020-2021 UGC
40. 09/04/2021Extension of Dissertation/Thesis/Golden Chances upto 31-12-2021
41. 05/04/2021Extension for submission of Ph.D synopsis.
42. 26/03/2021Guidelines for using URKUND Software.
43. 18/02/2021Collaborative Research Grants for Partnership proposals between PU and NTU, UK .Last Date is March 5, 2021
44. 25/11/2020Conduct of viva-voce of M.Phil/Ph.D students through Skype
45. 18/11/2020UGC Public Notice reg Good Academic Research Practices (GARP)
46. 09/11/2020MOST URGENT: “Deliverables and Prototypes” developed at Panjab University during the last five years .
47. 03/11/2020STARS Workshop on Grant Writing funded by the Ministry of Education.
48. 16/10/2020SOP for Research Scholars of Panjab University, Chandigarh
49. 07/10/2020Details of M.Sc./Postgraduate Course(s) wherein Res. Lab is required for Dissertation work.
50. 30/09/2020INVITATION: Virtual Inaugration of HRDC Building, South Campus, Sector 25, on October 1, 2020 (Thursday) 4:00 pm
51. 29/09/2020Award of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship for PhD Scholars in the field of Cooperation by the National Cooperative Union of India, New Delhi.
52. 04/09/2020ASCI: DST sponsored training program on 'Science Administration and Research Management'. September 28 - October 9, 2020.
53. 10/08/2020Submission of Proposal for Third Party Evaluation of Joint Research Projects under the Indo-Israel Joint Research Programme.
54. 06/08/2020Dr. Ambedkar Doctoral and Post Doctoral Fellowship, 2020-21
55. 27/07/2020Inviting proposals for the Collaborative Research Studies /Workshops/ Seminars/ Roundtables Conferences of Vice Chancellors/Anveshan: SRC
56. 09/07/2020Final List of Interest 2019-2020 UGC & Non-UGC Grant
57. 03/07/2020Japanese Government MEXT Scholarship 2021 for research students: Last date of application: 09 July 2020
58. 01/07/2020Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute programmes for the year 2020-21.
59. 29/06/2020Call for projects of the Indo-Swiss joint research programme 2020.Last Date-11 September, 2020
60. 17/06/2020Detailed information of the Vice Chancellor's address from 18/06/2020 to 23/06/2020.
61. 17/06/2020Interaction of Hon'ble Vice Chancellor with research scholars on Webex from 18/06/2020 to 23/06/2020.
62. 11/06/2020Financial Assistance for Short Term Research Studies, Last Date for submitting proposals is 15.08.2020.
63. 04/06/2020Eligibility conditions for admissions in M.Phil/Ph.D in various Departments
64. 13/05/2020Acharya Devo Bhava: Interaction on 14th May, at 12:00 noon, GOI, MHRD
65. 13/05/2020Acharya Devo Bhava
66. 20/04/2020Recommendations of Advisory Committee on dated 20/04/2020 for Faculty
67. 09/04/2020Opportunities for students and faculty to learn ICT initiatives of MHRD and UGC
68. 05/04/2020Online workshop on latest tools and techniques of online teaching.
69. 09/03/2020Vice Chancellor's Interaction with all HODs today i.e. 09/03/2020 at 3:00 p.m. onwards in VCCR.
70. 28/02/2020Schedule of All India Police meet 2020 on 03/03/2020 to 07/03/2020 in Tau Devi Lal Cricket Stadium, Panchkula,Haryana.
71. 26/02/2020Filling up of one post of Research Assistant Group-B on deputation basis.
72. 17/02/2020Call for New Economic Thought Leaders amongst Youth
73. 13/02/2020Revised Programme ICONICA-2020 (13th -14th February, 2020)
74. 04/02/2020Lecture on Ethical Issues and Concerns in Higher Education on 05.02.2020 at 3 pm in English Auditorium, Panjab University
75. 04/02/2020National Seminar on ‘Climate Emergency: No Time Left; Act Now’on 15.2.2020 at Panjab Univeristy.
76. 21/01/2020Call for Nominations- Prof. P.V. Sukhatme National Award 2020 for Lifetime Contributions and Achievements in the field of Statistics .Last Date for nomination is 17-02-2020
77. 13/01/2020 ICONICA International Conference 2020
78. 30/12/2019Renewal of registration of Custom Duty exemption
79. 26/12/2019Gazette notification of Ministry of corporate affairs dated 28 Feb 2014 regarding CSR.
80. 26/12/2019 International Summit on Quality Indices in Higher Education (ISQIHE 2020) during 19th-21st March 2020 at Delhi Technological University, Delhi.
81. 18/12/2019Invitation for Participation in the T. N. Khoshoo Memorial Lecture & Award Function on 19-12-19 at 10:30 am in auditorium of Botany department.
82. 17/12/2019Special lectures and discussion on Society, Education and Justice by Sh. MukulKanitkar Ji at CIL SAIF Lab on December 17, 2019 at 3:50 PM
83. 11/12/2019COP+25 International Climate Action Course
84. 06/12/2019Two-day International Conference, ICONICA-2020, on "Next-Gen Paradigms in Health Care" on 13-14 February 2020.
85. 24/10/2019Programme announcement: Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI) for the second round of the year 2019-20
86. 01/10/2019Guest Lecture at PGIMER on 03/10/2019.
87. 26/09/2019Award of Panjab University fellowship for Ph.D 2019
89. 24/09/2019Submission of Legacy Cases Data on UGC-Canara Bank Scholarship Portal
90. 19/09/2019 Format for recommendation of new journal(s) in UGC-CARE List of Journals
91. 11/09/2019Proforma to be fiiled up and bring in the PIs meeting on 12/09/19 at 10:00 a.m. in UICET Auditorium.
92. 06/09/2019Plastic Waste Free Campaign (Swachhata Hi Seva 2019) from 11th September to 27th October, 2019
93. 30/08/2019Revised proforma for Publication Fee /Charges out of the Budget Head"Improvement of Education" Sub Head D-Publication Fee/Charges
94. 28/08/2019Minutes to Minute Programme of Nobel Prize Series India 2019 in Punjab.
95. 08/08/2019 "World Water Summit 2019" from 21-23 August 2019, New Delhi
96. 07/08/2019Proposal for Mandatory visit of Under Graduate students in Colleges/Universities to Pushpa Gujral Science City
97. 06/08/2019Amendments in Ph.D /M.Phil Guidelines-2017 w.e.f. 28/05/19
98. 18/07/2019Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute programmes for the year 2019-20.
99. 04/07/2019INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Scheme: a component under INSPIRE: The last date for ONLINE submission of application is 31st August 2019..
100. 01/07/2019Dr. D.C. Pavate Memorial Fellowship in Cambridge, 2020
101. 14/06/2019Scheme for the award of scholarships year 2019-20.
102. 10/06/2019Nominations for the Presidential Award of Certificate of Honour to Scholars.
103. 10/06/2019Invitation for nomination of short term IPR-Patent, Trademark & Copyrights Programs.
104. 04/06/2019Global Cooling Prize
105. 04/06/2019Joint Summer School with Stony Brooke University at UICET & Department of Geology, Auditorium.
106. 03/06/2019Requirement of a self funded research scientist aspiring to get enrolled in Ph.d program at PGIMER,Chandigarh
107. 27/05/2019Research Fellowship and Scholarship to Iraqi Professors,Assistant Professors, Lecturers and Iraqi Students.
108. 22/05/2019Panjab University Research Policy
109. 22/05/2019Panjab University Plagiarism Policy
110. 30/04/2019 Financial Assistance for Short Term Research Studies, Last Date for submitting proposals is 01.07.2019
111. 13/02/2019Fulbright-Nehru Specialist Program Announced; Deadline: April 15, 2019
112. 04/02/20192020-2021 Fulbright-Nehru, other Fulbright, and Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship programs for study, research, teaching and professional development in the U.S.
113. 24/12/2018Cooperation in Horizon 2020 : Calls of Proposals Co-funded by DBT
115. 02/11/2018Amendments in UGC-Canara Canara Bank Portal for streamlining the process regarding payment of fellowship under various schemes.
116. 30/10/2018Call inviting proposals 2018-2019; Submission Deadline: 31st March 2019
117. 25/10/2018Award of Panjab University fellowship for Ph.D (2018)
118. 16/10/2018Israel Government Scholarships 2019-2020: Last date of online application:- 30.11.2018
119. 15/10/2018Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC) Joint collaboration proposals: Last date for proposal submission is 15th Nov. 2018
120. 12/10/2018Call for Nominations forSERB Distinguished Fellow ship 2018-19
121. 11/10/2018Women Scientist Scheme-B (WOS-B): Call for Research Proposals (2018-19): Last date of proposal submission is 5th, November, 2018
122. 09/10/2018Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute programmes for the year 2018-19.
123. 24/09/2018Submission of legacy cases data on UGC web portal upto 30.09.2018.
124. 20/09/2018PU UBS: Essay Competition to Celebrate World Maritime Day 2018.
125. 12/09/2018Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards, 2019: Last date for submission of entries is October 31, 2018
126. 11/09/2018 Inviting applications for ICSSR/IPE Doctoral Fellowships-2019: :Application last date is 25.09.2018
127. 06/09/2018CDTI INDIA - Opportunity for Technological Cooperation in One Health between India and Spain: Deadline for proposals: 1ST OCTOBER 2018.
128. 05/09/2018UGC 12 Plan Grant Guidelines for "Faculty Development Programme"
129. 05/09/2018UGC 12 Plan Grant Guidelines for "Publication Grant"
130. 05/09/2018UGC 12 Plan Grant Guidelines for "Establishment of Career and Counseling Cell"
131. 05/09/2018UGC 12 Plan Grant Guidelines for " Visiting Professors/Visiting Fellows".
132. 13/08/2018National Council of Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC), DST's AWSAR (Augmenting Writing Skills for Articulating Research): Last date for application submission is 30th September, 2018 .
133. 13/08/2018NRDC National Meritorious Invention Awards of the Year 2018: Last date for submission of Online application is 15th October, 2018.
134. 08/08/2018NRDC- Innovation Facilitation Centre Programme-2018: last date for proposal submission is 31 August, 2018 upto 5:30 pm.
135. 02/08/2018Call of Applications for Doctoral, Post-Doctoral and Senior Fellowships for the year 2018-19, ICSSR, New Delhi: Last date for online application is 14th August, 2018 (hard copy is 21st August, 2018).
136. 02/08/2018DST-DFG Joint Call inviting joint research proposals; Submission Deadline: 21 November 2018
137. 27/07/2018Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship opportunity for a two-week U.S. visit to learn about various facets of U.S. higher education Application Deadline: August 31, 2018.
138. 23/07/2018INSPIRE Faculty Award 2018 (Session II): The last date for ONLINE submission of application is 31st August 2018.
139. 17/07/2018Willingness to work as Expert Member in Various committees of AICTE.
140. 16/07/2018Amended Ph.D. Guidelines 2017
141. 11/07/2018Support for Enterpreneurial and Managerial Development of SMEs through Incubators
142. 05/07/20183rd Annual Internationalising the Curriculum Conference at Nottingham on Sept 21st 2018
143. 29/06/2018Dr. D.C. Pavate Memorial Fellowship in Cambridge,2019.
144. 14/06/2018BioNEST-Panjab University Announces 1st Call for Proposals Under Secondary Agriculture /Food Processing Entrepreneurial Network (SAEN) in Punjab: Last date extended till 31 July, 2018
145. 14/06/2018Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, Programme announcement for the year 2018-19; Deadline is 27th June, 2018
146. 12/06/2018Call for proposals to the Indian Beamline at PF, KEK, Japan: Deadline 15th June, 2018
147. 11/06/2018LATERAL RECRUITMENT TO SENIOR POSITIONS IN GOVERNMENT OF INDIA (For Academics) Last date is 30th July, 2018
148. 08/06/20184th World Summit on Accreditation (WOSA 2018) from 7th to 9th September, 2018, Last Date for Online Registration: Sep 06,2018
149. 06/06/2018Newton-Bhabha Fund PhD Placements Programme 2018 - 19, Last date is 4 August, 2018
150. 06/06/2018DWIH New Delhi Poster Competition 2018- Last date is 15 July, 2018.
151. 31/05/2018SEWA Bharat Internship for Community Development at Saketri, Panchkula
152. 30/05/2018NASI-Scopus Young Scientist Awards-2018
153. 25/05/2018Migration of data relating to Scholars/Fellowships from Canara Bank branches to Institution based-UGC webportal
154. 21/05/2018 Prime Ministers Fellowship Scheme for Doctoral Research- Last Date is 25 May, 2018
155. 17/05/2018GIAN program on Nanotechnology for Waste Water Treatment: New Directions and Opportunities (NWWT-2018) at NIT Jalandhar-Last date for the registration is August 15, 2018
156. 17/05/2018AICTE - National Doctoral Fellowship scheme for 2018-19.
157. 17/05/2018The German Chancellor Fellowship for tomorrow's leaders- last date is 15 September, 2018
158. 17/05/2018DST Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy Fellowships- Last date is 10 June, 2018
159. 16/05/2018International Conference on Gender Equality- Last date is 31 July, 2018.
160. 16/05/2018Incentives for Science & Engineering Faculty from PURSE Grant II Last date is 15 June, 2018.
161. 16/05/2018IDST Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy Fellowships- Last Date is 10 June, 2018
162. 04/05/2018 United States-India Science and technology Endowment Fund: Submission dealine is 15 June, 2018
163. 03/05/2018Lecture on Ten Commandments of Health by Dr Sandeep Chhatwal on 7 May at 2.45 pm in UICET Auditorium.
164. 01/05/2018International School on Energy Systems-2018 (last date is 15 June 2018)
165. 26/04/2018Newton Fund Researcher Link Workshop Grants, India
166. 20/04/2018Project Funded Ph.D Fellowships 2018-19 at NIAS, Bengaluru: Last Date is 30 April, 2018.
167. 16/04/20187 Days workshop on Data Analytical Modeling (May 12- May 18, 2018) at GNDU, Amritsar
168. 13/04/2018Call for a PhD thesis under "Make Our Planet Grean Again" initiative at Universit de Toulouse, France: Apply before 22.04.2018
169. 10/04/2018Financial Assistance for Short Term Research Studies, Last Date for submitting proposals is 29.06.2018.
170. 27/03/2018 NCRI Doctoral Fellowship for pursuing Ph.D in Rural Studies-Last Date for apply is 28.03.2018 .
171. 08/03/2018Marie Sklodowska-Curie European Fellowship, University of Birmingham-Last date is 20th April, 2018.
172. 06/03/2018University of Birmingham India Institute Fellowship Scheme-2017-18
173. 01/03/2018Summer Fellowship awarded by Digital Identity Research Initiative (DIRI) last date for application is March 6,2018.
174. 28/02/2018Research Associates for new Agricultural Markets Project (CASI) apply by 15th March,2018.
175. 21/02/20182018 Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) for Graduate Degrees
176. 19/02/2018Japanese Studies Summer Program 2018 at Saitama University (Last Date -20-02-2018)
177. 15/02/2018 Details of Fulbright-Nehru and other Fulbright Fellowships for Indian Citizens for the AY 2019-2020.Y
178. 09/02/2018Details of INFLIBNET Centre's statistical repository of Socio-Economic and Industrial data.
179. 09/02/2018Inviting Teachers/Professors to take up research from Women and Child Development schemes
180. 23/01/2018Call for Proposals -2018 under India-Iran Bilateral S&T Cooperation- Last Date for apply is February 15, 2018
181. 22/01/2018NCRI Doctoral Fellowships for pursuing PhD in Rural Studies last date for application is 25.01.2018.
182. 19/01/2018Guidelines for submission of CD of Ph.D Theses in requisite format
183. 19/01/20189th Indian Youth $cience Congress at Career Point University,Hamirpur,Himachal Pradesh from April 7-9,2018
184. 26/12/2017 Research Methods Course on Gender Rights and and Policy in Multicultural Socities-Last date for registration is 15th January, 2018
185. 15/12/2017National Specialized Training Workshop on Statistical Applications (SPSS & R-Packages) to Research Data Visulaization & Analysis at Chandigarh on 8th to 14th January,2018
186. 14/12/2017Workshop on 'Multi-scale Climate Governance in India: Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities' on 18-19 January, 2018 (Proposal submission upto 20.12.2017)
187. 14/12/2017International Conference on India Asean Partnership @ 25 on 10th February, 2018 at GITAM, Visakhapatnam- Last Date for Abstracts submission: Jan. 15, 2018
188. 13/12/2017 Chevening Gurukul Fellowship open from 15 Dec upto 28 Feb 2018
189. 12/12/2017Residential program on "Innovation & Change Management for Organisational Excellence" from 29th Jan-2nd Feb., 2018 at Port Blair
190. 12/12/201721st Punjab Science Congress on Scientific Advances for Inclusive Development and Environmental from February 7-9, 2018
191. 11/12/2017AICTE Sponsored Two Weeks Faculty Development Programme from 01st-12th January, 2018- Last date: 20 Dec. 2017
192. 11/12/2017Fulbright-Nehru International Education Administrators Seminar (IEAS)-2018-19 (Last Date-15.02.2018)
193. 11/12/2017Social Science Congress (CHASSCONG-2018) Last date for abstracts submission-10.01.2018
194. 20/11/2017SICI Announcement of Programme for the 2nd Round for Year 2017-18
195. 20/11/2017International Conference (Jointly organised by RPC PU and LSME London) on Responsible Research and Innovation in Science, Management and EducationAll headers from 4-6 April, 2018
196. 16/11/2017Commonwealth Rutherford Fellowships (UK) to support world Class Reserach and Innovation
197. 10/11/2017Post Doc opportunities and research at University of British Columbia,Canada
198. 07/11/2017ASSOCHAM- Skill India Summit- 17 November 2017- Chandigarh
199. 03/11/2017National Workshop on Small Angle X-ray Scattering (NSAXS-2017) on November 6-8,2017
200. 18/10/2017INSA Medal for Young Scientists (2018)
201. 18/10/2017CHASCON-2018, 12th Chandigarh Science Congress,Panjab university,Chandigarh
202. 18/10/2017Nominations for Haryana Vigyan Ratna Awards and Haryana Yuva Vigyan Ratna Awards for 2017 - 18
203. 12/10/2017UK-India joint research call on "Cultural Heritage and Rapid Urbanization"
204. 11/10/2017Scientific Awards and honours for the year 2017,Odisha Bigyan Academy,Bhubaneswar
205. 28/09/2017Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship (PDF)-Feb. 2018, at INST, Mohali
206. 22/09/2017Award of Panjab University fellowship for Ph.D 2017
207. 20/09/2017Residential Tarining Programme on " Digital Transformation through e-Governance" from December 18-22, 2017
208. 11/09/2017Instructions for Quality Paper Presentation in Seminars/Conferences
209. 08/09/2017National workshop on Research Methodology in Social Sciences on October 24-30,2017
210. 07/09/2017OPEN DAY OUTREACH Pre-Event program at INST on 8th September, 2017
211. 07/09/2017UGC-UKIERI call for Research Proposal 2017-18
212. 07/09/2017DST-UKIERI call for Research Proposal 2017-18
214. 29/08/2017MS. AGATHA HARRISON MEMORIAL FELLOWSHIP FOR THE YEAR 2017-18. Last Date (15-09-17)
215. 23/08/2017Call for a PhD Student at University of Lille, FRANCE
216. 11/08/2017 Applications for Chevening and various other UK Fellowships open
217. 08/08/2017Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for MoU Consideration
218. 04/08/2017Newton-Bhabha Fund opportunities for Science Faculty and Ph.D Scholars
219. 01/08/2017British Council - Inviting applications for Workshops
220. 28/07/2017Annual Essay Prize/Annual Decision Making/Teaching Case Study Competition-2017, IIPA, New Delhi
221. 13/07/20173rd National Conference (INAC3) at Indian School of Business (ISB), Mohali last date 10-August,2017
222. 11/07/2017VAJRA (Visiting Advanced Joint Research Faculty Scheme)
223. 10/07/2017National E-Scholarship: for various scholarship schemes of Government of India
224. 10/07/2017Rules & Application Form of Scholarship by SARBAT DA BHALA CHARITABLE TRUST
225. 06/07/2017CoRe 2017 Conversations on Research: IGIDR PhD. Colloquium 2017 November 7-10
226. 05/07/2017Registration open for GIAN course on "CULTURAL DECOLONISATION IN THE 21ST CENTURY " at HSS, NIT Durgapur, West Bengal, India
227. 30/06/2017Ph.D Guidelines 2017
228. 29/06/2017Dr. D. C Pavate Memorial Fellowship in Cambridge,2018
229. 28/06/2017Indo-French Science & Technology Newsletter no. 25 - June 2017
230. 15/06/2017UGC D.O. no. F.1-2/2016 (PS/III Amendment) 14th June 2017 regarding final list of journals for the purpose of Career Advancement Scheme(CAS)
231. 09/06/2017Nomination for prestigious awards by Indian Academy of Biomedical Sciences for promoting academic excellence
232. 07/06/2017Call for application Newton Bhabha PhD Placement Grant 2017-18
233. 07/06/2017Call for submission of papers for presentation at the 105th Indian Science Congress from January 3 to 7, 2018
234. 07/06/2017UGC D.O. No. F.1-2/2009/(EC/PS) (Vol.II)- Last Reminder
235. 05/06/2017RGNIIPM inviting nomination for Patent programs (short term)
236. 26/05/2017ICSSR inviting proposal for Seminars/Conferences/Workshops grants 2017-18
237. 26/05/2017ICSSR Financial Assistance to Research Scholars for consulting Libraries/Archives/Data Centres in India.
238. 09/05/2017Financial Assistance for Short Term Research Studies (Guidelines and Format)
239. 09/05/2017Two Week ICSSR Sponsored Capacity Building Programme for Social Science Faculty on June 1-June 14, 2017 at the University Campus, Bathinda.
240. 18/04/2017 UGC D.O. no. F.1-2/2016 (PS/III Amendment) 11th April 2017 regarding approved list of journals for the purpose of Career Advancement Scheme(CAS)
241. 12/04/2017UK Government's Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF)
242. 28/03/2017Enrolment open: AuthorAID free online course starting on 18 April 2017
243. 20/03/2017Walk-in-Interview for the post of Research Associate/Project Fellow on 27th March ,2017 at PEC, Chandigarh
244. 20/03/2017Format for sending the details re. enrollment of Ph.D. students
245. 20/03/2017Call for Papers for SICI International Conference on Engaging Canada and India: Perspectives on Sustainability on 11-12 May 2017
246. 16/03/2017RPC_IDC conference on Punjab Politics & Economy on Mar 17-18 at ICSSR PU Chd.
247. 15/03/2017Saitama University invites applications for students under PU-SU exchange program.
248. 15/03/2017Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships (August-2017 Session) , INST, Mohali.
249. 09/03/2017Call for Application to the Marie Sklodow Curie Actions (MSCA)
250. 06/03/2017Invitation for Symposium on Exploring Multi-Dimensional Policy Perspectives for the Energy-Food-Water Security Challenge on 27th Feb-1st March 2017
251. 27/02/2017A mega event "Destination North East 2017" on 6-8 March, 2017
252. 27/02/2017 National Confluence: ReSConAm 2017 by IIT Bombay on March 18th and 19th 2017
253. 30/01/2017 INSPIRE Faculty Award 2017 Session
254. 30/01/2017Allotment of temporary (One- time applicable) Pre-registration number to applicants for PM fellowship or any such prestigious fellowship
255. 30/01/2017Global Summer School in July 2017 at Nottingham Trent University (NTU), UK
256. 16/01/2017Fulbright-Nehru International Education Administrators Seminar (IEAS)
257. 02/01/2017Water and Air Quality Monitoring (WAQM) Program, Proposals invited for 20L7
258. 23/12/2016Call for projects of the Indo-Swiss joint research programme in the Social Sciences
259. 21/10/2016100 Fellowship Awards Programme for ID-V, 2017
260. 03/10/2016Exemption from NET etc. for Panjab University Ph.Ds registred before 11-07-2009
261. 21/06/2016Proforma for Publication Fee /Charges out of the Budget Head"Improvement of Education" Sub Head D-Publication Fee/Charges
262. 26/05/2016Application form for Fellowship Under R&D Grant-in-Aid Scheme of IEI
263. 26/05/2016Guidelines for Fellowship Under R&D Grant-in-Aid Scheme of IEI
264. 25/05/2016Guidelines and Terms & Conditions for Financial Assistance for Short Term Research Studies, DST, Chandigarh Administration
265. 27/04/2016Checklist for MoU
266. 21/04/2016Proforma and norms for recogition of Research Centre
267. 04/04/2016Ph.D guidelines 2014
269. 22/03/2016Best Campus Write up 2016
270. 18/03/2016UGC 12 Plan Guidelines for Visiting Professors/Visiting Fellows

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